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We oppose St. Anthony Hospital here is why.




St. Anthony Executives are embroiled in a sexual harassment and pay-to-play federal lawsuit that includes disgraced and pled guilty Senator Martin Sandoval


St. Anthony is embroiled in a pay-to-play scandal and harassment lawsuit.  


Muñoz is a bad faith actor in our community


Michael and his lies


Crains -


St Anthony hospital depends on Public Tax dollars to operate and now St. Anthony is asking for hundreds of millions in TAX DOLLARS to pay for the construction of a 600 million dollar commercial development project.


Hospital fights for Survival - A hospital that really doesn't provide charity care but needs the Medicare money. 


Health Grades - St. Anthony refuses to work with independent assessors.

St. Anthony hospital has been involved in illegal eviction tactics of working-class immigrant artists during the eviction moratorium during the pandemic: Erecting chain link fences outside tenants' home, placing concrete barricades that prevent tenants from using their car and coordinating police raids.

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